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Biocalc Biorythems  
Manufacturer: ComputerCreations
Biocalc Biorythems

List Price: 19.95
Price: 12.95


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"Bio" means life. "Rhythm" means a flow or movement. Biorhythm means the flow of life's energy.

We each have three internal biorhythms, each with its own regular rhythm.
Our biorhythms move in a wave like fashion, taking from three weeks to a month to go from peak to peak.

These are the three cycles of energy that govern the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of our lives, and which determine our daily ups and downs. There are 512 different biorhythmic combinations, so it's pretty obvious how many changes we all continually go through.

What we have in knowing the patterns of our biorhythms is that extra edge in life. When we realize that we are in a constant state of change, there is a sense of relaxation and a release from anxiety. We cease to hold onto these momentary feelings and physical states, knowing that they will pass. This is only one of the many realizations we have enjoyed over the years, using the knowledge from the union of these two great bodies of wisdom.

Biocalc Biorythems 
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The Angel Oracle - Divinitation Software - 24.95
Angels have been our link with the Divine Source - the ultimate Origin of all creation - since the beginning of our search into the mysteries of life and the nature of our existence. They are also an aspect of our relationship with the Source representing the total intention of goodness, purity and light.
Basic Numerology - 19.95
Did you know that your destiny is based on your individual numbers? The art of numerology is based on the vibrations given off by a person's numbers, determined by adding up the numbers from first and last names.
Birthday Secrets- Western Astrology - 24.95
Birthday Secrets is all about you, the inner core of your spirit, and the guiding force of your personality - the real you.
Face Reader Lite - 19.95
FaceReader lite analyze 6 parts of the head, the brows, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the eyes and moles.
Face Reader Pro - 24.95
FaceReader Professional analyze 25 parts of the head:
Cheekbones, Chin, Chin Cleft, Compassion Line, Crows Feet, Desirability Line, Destiny Dimple, Disappointment Line, Ears, Eyebrows, Eye crosses, Eyes, Face Shape, Forehead, Forehead Creases, Forehead Lines, Groove, Hairline, Lips, Mental Pressure Line, Moles, Nose, Responsibility Line, Survivor Line, Teeth.
Numerology Pro - 24.95
Did you know that your destiny is based on your individual numbers? The art of numerology is based on the vibrations given off by a person's numbers, determined by adding up the numbers from first and last names. This easy-to-use guide enables you to understand how to look at a person's character and how to look into his or her future. Numbers can tell us everything we need to know about our friends, our family and ourselves. Sometimes, we may even have to change our name in order to change our destiny!
The Tarot - Forcasting - 14.95
The origin of the tarot is a mystery. We do know for sure that the cards were used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a popular card game. Wealthy patrons commissioned beautiful decks, some of which have survived. The Visconti-Sforza, created in 1450 or shortly thereafter, is one of the earliest and most complete.
Graphology Pro - 24.95
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Graphology - Signature Analysis - 19.95
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ICHING; The Way - 14.95
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Palm Reader - 24.95
It is believed that everyone's life is imprinted on their own hands and the brain's nerve system appears as lines on the palms of the hands. Hands could be considered as 'epitome of life', revealing the persons health, talent, personality and even fate.
The Runes - Analysis Software - 19.95
Runic symbols are so ancient that it is next to impossible to establish their exact date of origin. They are believed to have evolved from ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman forms of writing, with three main runic alphabets recognized: English, Scandinavian and German, the latter also known as Futhark. The Runes emerged at a time when magic was part of everyday life. They were used as amulets, that is to say, as sacred instruments for protection and divination, and had a clear ritualistic function.

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