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Face Reader Pro  
Manufacturer: ComputerCreations
Face Reader Pro

List Price: 39.95
Price: 24.95


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FaceReader Professional analyze 25 parts of the head:
Cheekbones, Chin, Chin Cleft, Compassion Line, Crows Feet, Desirability Line, Destiny Dimple, Disappointment Line, Ears, Eyebrows, Eye crosses, Eyes, Face Shape, Forehead, Forehead Creases, Forehead Lines, Groove, Hairline, Lips, Mental Pressure Line, Moles, Nose, Responsibility Line, Survivor Line, Teeth.

Long before head shrinkers were muttering "Yes, go on....."

Physiognomy includes face reading and palmistry, to say the least. It is the interpretation of character via the observation and measurement of visible physical features, hence the names: palm reading and face reading.
Physiognomy had its place in conference halls of the Forbidden City. There, advisors of all ranks would assemble daily before the Emperor to discuss matters of grand scale. Every script has its villain(s), and the congress was no different. There were the good advisors, and there were the bad; often, the distinction was made all the more difficult by the pretence. Beneath the 'pretty' exchanges were resentful undercurrents; allies were secured and foes were declared; and this was how unofficial factions were formed.
Physiognomy had its foundations in statistics. Spectators of the court began correlating facial features with notable human characteristics, whether they were the first ones to apply the discipline remains questionable. From then, it grew into a general area of interest. Physiognomy, the discipline was born after extensive 'feature assortment' and correlation analysis.

This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. You may have internalized a similar attitude.
A small reminder: bad features can offset the good, and good features can make up for the bad. A complete face analysis is when all visible features are read in conjunction: this forms a clearer overall picture. Beginners will have to bear with disjoint face reading - this is by no means inaccurate, but completion is often preferred.

Face Reader Pro 
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